When one chapter ends, another begins

Thank you for joining us.

The past few weeks has been an absolute whirlwind. Catching up with friends, sorting out our apartment and preparing for the trip of a lifetime.

On reflecting on our past 6 years in Sydney, I can comfortably say we haven’t fallen in love with big city living. Don’t get me wrong, Sydney is a beautiful city and in fact as far as cities go, I’d say it is one of the very best (Stanwell tops and the gorges up north are pretty epic!). It’s just the high paced ‘go life’ seems to wear you down overtime and you start yearning for a more simple easier lifestyle. Perhaps it’s the fact I grew up in Australia’s lifestyle capital (Canberra to the uninitiated) or just the fact I’m of the age where I prefer a home cooked meal relaxing with friends/family rather than going out (a major drawcard of most cities). However despite this, one facet that I have found to be Sydney’s most redeeming quality is the consistent exposure to quality people. I have developed many friendships during my stint in the big smoke that I know will last a lifetime. Farewell Sydney, the people will be missed.

Anyway, our bags are packed, our bikes in boxes and our tent ready to go.

Stay tuned for the adventure commencing June 4.

Peace out Sydney, it’s been real!

B & E xoxo

[words by Emma-E – post edited Beau -B ;)]

Throwback to the Grand Escalante, Utah USA – Bike Packing adventure March 2018


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1 thought on “When one chapter ends, another begins

  1. Looking forward for the amazing pics to come!! Wish you all the best guys!! Take care!! Xx

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