Daily Digest – Day 1 and 2 (SWEDEN)

Day 2 – 6 June 2018

Enköping to Örebrö, Sweden

Transport: Bicycle 127km, 22km/hour average speed

Highs: Beautiful ride. Picture perfect rest stops straight out of a postcard. The people are friendly always offering to help us- we must look lost lol. Dinner location outside Örebrö Castle with a moat was so picturesque.

We also met Daniela (31) and Thomas (33). Daniela is a Doctor specializing in Pediatrics and Thomas an Exercise Physiologist working at the University. We got along with them so well and had so much fun talking bikes and Swedish culture. Such genuine and hospitipal people. Chatting to them until almost midnight with the sun still up was surreal.

Lows: There were none. Seriously 10/10 day.

#BeausBowl: Meatballs and pasta outside of Örebrö Castle on the Trangia (can’t beat this!)

Stay: Swedish couple- Daniela and Thomas (French) through warmshowers.org – a site for bikepackers. They live 10km outside of Örebrö in the countryside in a beautiful white home.

Daily Spend: AUD$30 equivalent

Day 1 – 5 June 2018

Stockholm to Enköping, Sweden

Bike Build:

Transport: Bicycle 84km, 21km/hour average speed

Highs: Quality roads, wide passing from vehicles, beautiful countryside- both in awe the whole time. Literally, unbelievable. This place is literally jaw dropping. Enough said!

Lows: Yeah Day 1 has a good story. We accidently ended up on the E18, a major highway… This is referred to as a #BeauStitchUp. In the process of trying to get off.. well you can’t, since it is fenced off. Sooo after 10 mins off hugging the side of the road (a wide shoulder actually, how good is Sweden!) we got pulled over by the police. Luckily the Swede Officer felt sorry for us. Anyway a climb of a fence, lifting bikes, scampering down a rocky embankment with stress levels through the roof – we got off the highway!!!… great start to our holiday #BlameBeau #BeauStitchUp

See our next day recap of the incident:

#BeausBowl: Camping – 3 cheese tortellini with tomato, brocolli and ham. Swedish chocolate- Emma’s choice 4/5.

Stay: Forest, clearly a hunting area – beautiful.

Daily Spend: AUD$30 equivalent (fuel for cooking + food)

Travel Day – 4 June 2018

Canberra, ACT to Sydney, NSW to Bangkok, Thailand to Stockolm, Sweden

Transport: Bus, then bus again, then maxi taxi, then plane, then plane again then bike touring build woohoo (34 hours travel time *massive yawn goes here*)

Highs: The whole trip from Bangkok to Stockholm. We both had 3 seats each to ourselves. Service was on point with Beau having many extra meals and the space meant for some quality snooze time. This flight was in TOTAL contrast to the first leg with the same airline.

Lows: The whole trip from Sydney to Bangkok. The plane was rammed and service wasn’t great.

#BeausBowl: Plane Meals – nothing significant to note here sadly.

Stay: Thai Airways Flight – sleep quality average to poor lol.

Daily Spend: $0.00

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